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I am James Soffron Jr., a 1986 graduate of Whittier Vocational Technical Institute. Beyond my formal education, I have had the pleasure of working with two very reputable Massachusetts electricians and contractors from the local area for a long period of time. This experience challenged me to learn a variety of very important basic fundamental skills and allowed me to expand my knowledge of the electrical field. The skills that I have acquired over my years as a licensed electrician are still put to use and practiced in today’s workforce. 

With all the great experience under my belt, I started my own company in 1998. I have been in the electrical field for twenty three years. I have very much enjoyed servicing clients and the local community in which I reside. Over this time period we have built an outstanding reputation for being dependable and professional, and have been able to continue providing very competitive prices to our customers in this tough economic time. I persist to take personal pride in the quality of the work that our Massachusetts electricians are involved in. Leaving a good lasting impression with all customers and ensuring that the job is done right the first time is important to me. Proper work ethic to me means doing a great job from start to finish. My company specializes in custom electrical work and has renowned experience in restoring the lighting for historical buildings to its original state. For customers who are indecisive about which products to use in their home, our licensed electrician team can offer expert advice upon request of the homeowner.
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